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Scheduling an Appointment: Which one?



Scheduling an Appointment:


  • For new clients or new pets:

    • Step 1: Schedule a Pathway Planning Appointment. During this appointment you will meet with one of our Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners. They will:

      • Discuss your pet's behavioral history with you.
      • Answer any questions that you may have.
      • Direct you towards the next step in the process:

        • Muzzle training class
        • Basics foundation class
        • Appointments with Pat Koven LVT, KPA-CTP.

          ***If you feel you have a behavior emergency and need immediate help or are considering surrendering to a shelter, rehoming, or euthanasia, please schedule a Crisis Management Appointment with Brittany Linkenheimer.**

          This appointment is like the Pathway Planning; however, these appointments will take priority and be available within 7-10 days or sooner depending on her schedule. A Crisis Management appointment costs $95.00 and can only be scheduled online.  

    • Step 2: After the completion of the Pathway Planning Appointment or the Crisis Management Appointment, you will be emailed a link to schedule the next appointment in the process. This appointment will be with Pat Koven, Licensed Veterinary Technician and Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner.

      • What has already been done to change the behavior.
      • Evaluate what your pet has learned.
      • Evaluate your training skills. 

        This is a critical part of your pet's behavior evaluation and helps Dr. Calder and Pat create a comprehensive treatment plan for your pet. If desired, Pat will help you implement the training and behavior modification portion of the treatment plan unless you choose to work with a trainer of your choice (See the FAQ). It is rare that all behaviors will be resolved in one appointment. Expect to schedule additional appointments if you choose to continue with Pat Koven. There are phases or steps to every treatment plan.  The cost for this initial appointment $130.00, and these are virtual only.

         ***Your pathway planner may offer a second option before meeting with Pat Koven, to streamline your time with Pat Koven.  These options include classes (i.e., muzzle training, clicker basics, foundations) to prepare you for Behavior Modification Sessions. Cost varies from $30.00 (1-2 session class) to $150.00 (five-week class) and these are virtual only. 

    • Step 3: Appointment with Dr. Calder (if still needed/desired)

      Dr. Calder will review your pet's medical and behavioral history with you along with information provided through Pathway Planning and the initial evaluation with Pat Koven. Motivations for your pet's behavior, and prognosis. A comprehensive treatment plan outline will be provided including medication options to discuss with your veterinarian. The cost for this appointment will be $350.00 and it is virtual only.  

      If you feel that you pet needs an in-person appointment or you do not want to schedule a Pathway Planning or Crisis Management appointment, you may contact Eliot Veterinary Hospital at 1034 Goodwin Road, Eliot Maine, 207-748-1000 to schedule an in-person behavior consultation with Dr. Emmons.  Dr. Shannon Emmons is Dr. Calder's behavior resident and Dr. Emmons schedules her appointment through her hospital independent of Calder Veterinary Behavior Services. Dr. Calder will not be in attendance for this appointment however, she does review and consult on all of Dr. Emmons appointments. This appointment would not require a Pathway Planning or Crisis Management Appointment. This option also would not require an appointment with Pat Koven LVT, KPA-CTP. 

Please read our FAQ page before scheduling an appointment.