Calder Veterinary Behavior Services

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  • All scheduling is done online and payment is due at the time of scheduling for EACH appointment. If you do not schedule an appointment with Pat Koven LVT, KPA-CTP at the time of scheduling with Dr. Calder, your appointment will be canceled.
  • Before an appointment with Dr. Calder can be made, you must schedule and attend a Pathway Planning Appointment.
  • Appointments can be scheduled directly with Pat Koven LVT, KPA-CTP, if you do not wish to see Dr. Calder or your veterinarian has referred you for training and behavior modification-only.
  • If you would like to discuss medications or your vet has referred you for medications, these medications will ONLY be discussed during the appointment with Dr. Calder or Dr. Emmons.
  • We do not need to see your pet in person to assess their behavior. You will provide a history that will describe the behavior and help us to identify the triggers for the behavior. Most concerning behaviors will not be apparent during an in-person consultation because your pet is highly stressed. We do not need the behaviors to be demonstrated to understand your pet's behavior. Video recordings are ALWAYS welcome and encouraged although we NEVER encourage you to make a behavior happen just so that you can get a video or record a video when it is not safe for you or your pet.
  • We are always happy to answer any questions that you have but please save the detailed behavior history discussion for the Pathway Planning or Crisis Management Appointment. We cannot provide ANY medical or behavioral advice over the phone or email when you are not an established client.
  • Medication refills WILL NOT be provided when it has been more than 12 months since your pet's last appointment. No exceptions!! We are always happy to transfer your records to your primary veterinarian for a refill. It will be at their discretion to continue to prescribe these medications.
  • We cannot provide an estimate regarding how many appointments will be needed or what the cost will be over time. The answer to this depends on many factors such as the behavior, response to treatment, and your level of commitment. We can tell you about the costs for the initial assessment which are listed above. Once we have more information obtained during the consultation, we may be able to provide more details regarding this question.
  • Many behavior problems will require lifelong management and continued training and behavior modification. This will not be a "one and done" process. Working with a qualified professional such as a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner will increase your success rate.
  • Dr. Calder, as a veterinary behaviorist, will evaluate your pet's physical and behavioral health, discuss motivators for the behavior and outline a comprehensive plan to modify and change your pet's behavior. She will not be discussing or demonstrating the training and behavior modification plan. Pat Koven LVT, KPA-CTP will do that part of the consultation.
  • If you choose to work with a different trainer of your choice, we will require your trainer to contact us for the training and behavior modification plan. Your trainer will need to keep us updated on your pet's progress if your pet is to remain a patient with Calder Veterinary Behavior Services. If your trainer has questions, they can reach out to us.
  • During your appointment with Pat Koven LVT, KPA-CTP, she will assess what you and your pet have learned during past training classes and behavior modification sessions. She will also be assessing your training skills. This is a critical step in behavior modification and part of her job is to train you. You NEED to be prepared for her appointment with your pet present, have treats on hand, and be ready to work.
  • If you are currently working with a trainer and they have referred you, the process is the same. You must go through Pathway Planning or Crisis Management first! You will still have an appointment with Pat Koven LVT, KPA-CTP. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Dr. Calder WILL do vet to vet consultations. Your veterinarian MUST reach out to Dr. Calder via email ( with their medical findings, behavioral interpretations, and questions. Medications for your pet can be discussed with your veterinarian during this appointment. Dr. Calder WILL NOT reach out to your veterinarian, they must reach out to her.
  • If canceled, we will refund your payment MINUS a processing fee of 5%. This is non-negotiable since we are charged this amount if you cancel. You may reschedule your appointment at no charge, if desired, although rescheduling may result in a several month delay.