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New Patient Evaluation & Follow-up Behavior Consultation



New Patient Evaluation - Christine D. Calder DVM DACVB


This is for NEW patients. The evaluation is two separate appointments. One is with Pat Koven (behavior technician) and the other with Dr. Calder. Both appointments are remote therefore, all will take place in the calming and familiar environment of your own home. Later, in-person appointments can be arranged, if needed. 

Dr. Calder will evaluate your pet's medical and complete behavior history providing a written diagnosis, prognosis, and a preliminary treatment plan.  Pat will guide you through the initial management and treatment plan. Goals for short and long term changing of behavior will be set and homework provided. 


Please note: This is an initial consultation with both Dr. Calder and Pat Koven to “jump start” the treatment process for your pet. Behavior changes take time and are often a multi-step process. Multiple behavior modification therapy appointments may be needed. Pat Koven can discuss future behavior modification therapy package options at this appointment but feel free to work with your own preferred trainer or behavioral professional for long-term behavior modification and training.  


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Follow-up Behavior Consultation - Christine D. Calder DVM DACVB

This appointment is for established patients. Phone or remote follow-ups are available


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