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Class Descriptions


Basic Life Skills & Good Manners

This is a five-week class designed for teaching your pup basic life skills and good manners.  Your pet can often learn better while relaxed and in their own home. We build upon the behaviors you learned in the Clicker Basics class and further solidify your relationship with your dog.  In this skills class we cover important behaviors such as eye contact, sit, hand targeting, stationing, loose leash walking, recalls, stays vs wait, object trading/drop it and more.  Each class has game time as well, with a game to do during class and others to do with family and friends.


Clicker Basics

Rewards-based training gained much of its popularity from clicker training.  But what is a clicker and how do you teach an animal to understand what the sound means?  Do you have to always use a clicker?  Can a simple clicker really get you started with good training skills?  In the hour-long seminar with Q&A time in the comforts of your own home, our trainers will discuss markers, rewards, and human-animal communication skills with some theory, some games and a lot of fun.  This is for all species.


Starting out on the right paw: Building the Right Foundation 

Intro to reward-based training, relationship building ideas and skills, enrichment, types of training equipment, Q&A time. Even if you choose to never take a basic obedience class, we'll get you started on the right path!