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We offer several different appointment types depending on your needs. Not sure to start? We Suggest Here!


Initial Triage Appointment- Pat Koven LVT, KPA-CTP 61702

The most common question we receive is can you help me? The answer is usually- yes, we can. The question then becomes what is the best next step? And what type of appointment do I need?  The answer is to schedule a 30-minute Zoom appointment with Pat. She will provide initial management advice and guide you to the next best options to help your pet. This may be training, an initial consultation with Dr. Calder or both.


Initial Behavior Consultation- Christine D. Calder DVM DACVB

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This is for NEW patients. Dr. Calder will evaluate your pet's physical and mental health. She will provide a diagnosis, prognosis, and a preliminary treatment plan after the visit.  For this appointment, resources will be provided but you will be responsible for completing the treatment plan on your own (with Dr. Calder’s support) or with your preferred trainer. This appointment may be scheduled in person or remotely depending on your preference. For remote consultations, medications can be discussed but your veterinarian must be willing to prescribe these medications, if needed.


Follow-up Behavior Consultation - Christine D. Calder DVM DACVB

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This appointment is for established patients. In person, phone or remote follow-ups are available. 


Behavior Modification Therapy - Pat Koven LVT, KPA-CTP 61702

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This is for NEW clients. Pat will create and discuss a customized training plan for your pet, she will teach you and review your training skills to help you improve communication with your pet. A preliminary training and behavior modification plan will be developed. Goals for changing behavior will be set and homework provided. This appointment is remote therefore all will take place in the calming and familiar environment of your own home.


Dr. Calder and Pat Koven combined appointment

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Initial behavior consultation with Dr. Calder to assess behavioral and physical health. Appointment includes initial behavior modification session with Pat Koven LVT, KPA-CTP 61702.  Dr. Calder appointment will be in person or remote. Pat Koven appointment is always remote.